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Iron ore surges to a 5-year high

An extension of industrial output restrictions in the northern Chinese cities of Tangshan and Handan, the largest steel production hubs in China, may have also contributed to the price gains seen

Beijing’s banking blues

China’s central auditor – the National Audit Office – this week disclosed that the loan books of a few banks in Henan province in central China … firms are clustered in smokestack industries like

Lincoln Electric adds VRTEX models for virtual rea...

Lincoln Electric has introduced new VRTEX virtual reality welding training simulators. The next-generation systems feature a realistic GTAW experience. The weld puddle, including weld discontinuities, is visually and audibly responsive to operator behavior and differs for mild steel,

Hitting 1,000 cows in Brazils dairy capital

I am always asking myself how long steel will last. The concrete is 10% more expensive … Labour is also very affordable in Brazil the average wage is 1,500-1,700 BRL, but Epp pays 2,500 BRL and