Introducing the Metal Networks SELLER PLATFORM

A Better Solution for Selling Industrial Metals.

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Quote Faster

Quote Faster, Sell More

Spend less time configuring quotes and orders so you can spend more time strengthening customer relationships and acquiring new customers.

Quote those Large RFQs with Mass Quote

Gain an advantage over your competitors by being the first to quote the customer. You can field those large RFQs with confidence, knowing that your sales team can turn around a quote within minutes, as opposed to hours or days.

Happy Customers = More Business

Give your customers the exceptional buying experience they deserve. With effortless online ordering through email, your customers will love how easy it is to buy from you and will shop for more.

Quote Smarter

Your Sales Data, On Steroids

See exactly how your sales organization is performing, and more importantly, exactly how many inquiries and quotes you’re winning. So instead of spending time wondering how sales your sales is performing, you can know for sure, and spend more hours in your day focusing on selling the right products to the right customers.

Intelligent Pricing

Pricing your products is a challenge, but with the right information, it doesn’t have to be. Metal Networks shows you the recent prices your products have sold at so you can spend less time looking up pricing reports, and spend more time quoting and selling to more customers.

Grow Your Business with Ecommerce

Make it easier for your new and existing customers to buy from you, through your own online storefront. Sit back and relax as your e-commerce sales channel helps reduce both your cost to serve existing customers and cost to acquire new ones.

Single View of Inventory & Customers

Your sales team can spend less time logging into multiple systems, and more time with your customers. No need for new ERP software and the long implementation and hefty costs that come with it.

One Source of Truth for Your Sales Team

All of your customer interactions – all inquiries, quotes, and orders – in a single dashboard for your sales team. You no longer have to dig through old emails or faxes to find previous inquiries or quotes for your customers.

Sales Reps can Quote from Anywhere, Anytime

Send quotes and finalize orders, even while in the field with customers. No more waiting for the home office to provide product pricing and availability.

How It Works

Any Shape, Grade, Size, and/or Condition

The Metal Networks Seller Platform is a white-label sales engine platform that compliments your existing software environment, providing a multitude of features to both your sales representatives and your customers. We enable your organization to immediately increase productivity and efficiency impacting your bottom line.

Why Metal Networks

Reduce your no-quotes by as much as 30% and increase your capture rate of purchase orders by 42%.

The Seller Platform drives more traffic and potential customers to you, seamlessly helping you to manage your digital inventory while reducing costs and increasing customers.


We  continuously roll out new features for you to take advantage of.

Where Is Your Organization

Sell Smarter! Sell Faster! Sell More! Get More Customers!

With market conditions providing little opportunity for organic growth, it is now more important than ever for your organization to achieve optimal efficiency and leverage additional sales tactics and channels to accelerate revenue. The Seller Platform enables you to sell more, sell faster, sell smarter, and get more customers.

Seamless Integration

Keep It Simple. We Guarantee Ease of Implementation & Customer Success!

Your Seller Platform can be created in less than a few minutes. This means you can start using the platform immediately. For a full integration, we accommodate a multitude of ERP’s, include home-grown AS400 environments. A full integration typically takes less than 90 days. Our experienced team does 95% of the integration, allowing you to stay focused on your priorities. Since we are not changing any of your existing systems or processes, there is a seamless switch to start fully using all of the seller platform capabilities.

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Quote Faster. Sell Smarter.

Quick Quote

Quickly create a quote with just 3 mouse clicks from anywhere within the application

Mass Search & Quote

Copy/Paste hundreds of items to instantly search, quote, and suggest alternate materials. Quote hundreds of items in minutes.

Close the Loop Technology

Make it easier for your customers to purchase with automated quoting

Unlimited Mobility

Sell and manage your business from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Optional customer-facing eCommerce portal allowing your customers to search, transact, and manage orders

Live Chat

Instantly communicate with your customers and colleagues from any device anywhere, anytime.

Increase Turns, Move Surplus, & Reduce Carrying Costs

Contract Orders

Quickly convert inquiries and quotes into contract orders with a single mouse-click

Materials Buyouts

Quote more customers with the ability to quickly specify buyout materials needed to fulfill your customers’ needs

Pro-Active Marketing

Automatically provide customers with personalized notifications to purchase inbound materials based upon their preferred inventory needs and historical purchases.

Surplus Material Customer Newsletters

Directed marketing tools allow you to rank and promote aged and priority inventory to then send offers on surplus materials customers have historically purchased.

Mass Search

Copy/Paste hundreds of materials to instantly search, quote, and order as well as receive suggested alternative materials

High-Definition Market Visibility

Make Better Decisions

Real-time reports allows you to drill down into your inventory and sales team performance

Automated Buyouts

Quote more customers with the ability to quickly specify buy-out materials needed to fulfill your customer’s needs

Custom Dynamic Drill-Down Reporting

Create, edit, and save custom reports for quick, anytime access

Business Analytics

Hundreds of combinations of drill-down real-time reports allowing you to stay ahead and be active vs. reactive.

Report Export

Export and share your reports in PDF, CSV, or MS Excel file formats

Pro-Active Reporting

Provide personalized recommendations for your customers based upon their historical purchases

Optimize Customer Satisfaction & Retention.

Fast, Easy Experience

Empower your buyers with multi-item search & transact in seconds. The Customer Portal allows buyers to upload a full bill of materials all they way down to drawings, request material releases against their contracts, chat with sales representatives, check status on orders, and even provide ratings on orders.


Sell and manage your business from any device, anywhere, anytime. Buyers can also manage orders, search for material, and even chat live with your organization.


Empower customers to search inventory and transact orders in just a few seconds

1-Click Purchasing

Allow your buyers to procure materials with a single mouse click

Auto-Suggest Materials

Provide personalized recommendations for your buyers against their historical purchases

Integrated Material Details

Buyers can quickly access MTRs, drawings, and pictures of your material inventory

Seamlessly Connect to Your Existing Technology

Ease of Implementation

Start using your platform immediately. Full synchronous implementation in less than 90 days.


Industry Leading 3-tier firewall with 256-bit encryption


3 Level Redundancy with load balancing, content delivery networking services, and resizable computing capacity to ensure optimal speeds at all times

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